"We believe Fun Games can be made better through Rigor and Dedication."

Though we'd sometimes like it to be the other way around...


"You don't know where you come from if you don't know where to go"

Well as far as we're concerned : we’ve been in the Video Game Industry for 4 years now. 

A few months ago, we started working on our Game, and after a little while and promising results, we decided to quit our jobs and go full-time on that Baby.


"You don't know where you go unless you already come from there"

We aim at making Spruce and Polished Titles, blending Music and Gameplay with Elegance and Simplicity.


"Sometimes we want what we do but don't do what we want, sometimes, it's the other way around."

But most of the time, the Two of Us indulge in : Design, Programming and 2D/3D Art.

We also have the hearing pleasure of working with 2 lovely Musicians : The Mapples.


If you want to know more about us, contact us. We won't reply.

Knowing Us

"Does One need to know One to talk about One ?"

It's been haunting us for years... 'Got the answer? Good for you!

But we've a Game to finish and no time to waste on poppycocks.

Fine, just a few lines, then...